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We support Bulgarian-Cypriot Business Relations

Our mission is to make it easier for Cypriot and Bulgarian business communities to enjoy mutual benefits and opportunities.

  • reliable and trustworthy partners
  • promoting cypriot business values
  • organizing Regular Events

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By becoming a member of the BCBA, you can be rest assured that you’ll enjoy great benefits and valuable opportunities.

  • Gain valuable knowledge
  • Expand your network & find opportunities

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Important Message Regarding COVID-19

1) Από την 3η π.μ. ώρα Κύπρου της 21ης Μαρτίου του 2020 και για περίοδο 14 ημερών απαγορεύονται οι πτήσεις πλην εκείνων μεταφοράς εμπορευμάτων (cargo)

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